Student loan petition

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Student loan petition

Post  Pete on Tue Jun 09, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi folks,

I was sent the below email at work today regarding student loans and the proposals the government intend to make to the interest on them! I know that most of you at the moment are not paying them back but you will some day.

You may have heard that recently the Prime Minister rescinded on an important decision regarding interest on our student loans. Basically, now that RPI is below zero the interest on our student loans should match that figure. This promise was made when the loans were first introduced in order that the ‘real’ amount paid back would never make graduates out of pocket due to market variations.

He has lowered the figure for pre-1998 loans- but I’m guessing we all fall into the post-1998 category and are therefore going to be out of pocket if something isn’t done. The changes are not due to come into effect until September so there is still time to apply pressure for change. I would therefore urge you all to sign the petition to the Prime Minister-the link is below:


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