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Post  stickey on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:40 pm

Can u e-mail me with what you want to do! Thanks and sorry;

MONTAINES; Bad news on this front depending on how you look at it. I spoke to Kris Carrick on Monday and he said that a load of Montaines had come in and should be ready for delivery today. However he then looked up the invoice again and it appears these are not the Red Smock's we have ordered and these are still a MONTH or more away. He did apologise and said if we wanted to CANCEL any orders we can. Therefore I need to know what you want to do! If you don't keep your order now you can do it again next year but chances of them coming any sooner are unlikely. However if you keep you order we are unsure how much longer they will be!? Sorry for all this but due to the factory shop closing they are having more problems than anticipated! If you do keep your order it will be best to send them for printing with next years batch. So sorry for this and let me know ASAP and we'll get your money back or keep your order in!

We do actually have all the girl size 12 Montaines here though if you want to collect them but again the printing will probably now have to wait until next year!

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